On Queue Management at the Berlin Hadoop GetTogether

Another video of another talk of mine. Some months ago it happened that, on a walk to a talk I gave internally to some of my European Product Manager colleagues, I met an old and nice colleague of mine, David Obermann. So I told him where I was headed and told me what he is doing right now. Turns out, we made a nice coupe. The talk I was about to give - a short summary of Queue Management in PD and what I made from it at my work in the last three years - was interesting to him and as fate wants it - David is nowadays organizing the Berlin Hadoop GetTogether. So I was invited 'for one of the next meetings'.

The meeting was held on February 22, in the nice environment of the Axel-Springer building in the middle of Berlin, floor 19 :-o with a great view over the city. (You can drive one of the famous Paternoster elevators there.)

Watch and enjoy the talk, which is a shameless collection of knowledge from Don Reinertsen, David Anderson, Eric Ries and of course lots of others whom I've met during the last years. (Thanks to all of them!)  It is also nearly the end point of this stage of my work life, as of 1st of May I will have a different job somewhere else. I'll keep you posted.

Just before the talk started, I was told I only had 30 minutes, so I kept improvising all the time, which led to me forgetting - of course - a central part of this talk, which really holds the theme together. Anyway.

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