The Democracy of Kanban - Pecha Kucha from LKCE 2011

Another 5'40'' that rushed my heart.

Arne Roock (@arneroock) has been so nice and did all the work to not only upload the videos of all the Pecha Kuchas from Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011, but he also sent me a cut down version from only my own Pecha Kucha - 'The democracy of Kanban'.

My basic line of thought is: Kanban delivers a more detailed view on a teams' process. This helps to get rid of he black box view that simple boards of the 'ToDo | Ongoing | Done' structure deliver. The more detailed view helps not only to visualize the workflow better and more detailed and thus get more frequent and shot term feedback, it also helps to do some analysis on what's going on.

The Democracy of Kanban from Markus Andrezak on Vimeo.

In this Pecha Kucha I describe why Kanban is a crucial step towards democracy. Kanban is delivering teams a more detailed model of what is going on in their doings. This helps them to get an outside view of what they are really doing in the software development process. This detailed outside view helps the teams to come to decisions that are based on analysis rather than just a hunch.
This fact, of course, is unnerving to those advocating and selling the same recipes over and over again, regardless of the concrete context of the teams.

That again helps the team to reflect on real data of the real 'system', rather than having intuitive hunches on what's going on all the time. Indeed, doing this, has helped me to get rid of several myths that were going on all the time at my workplace. We found out that we simply do not have a problem with too much variation in requirements sizing (which many thought), we as PD are not a bottleneck in our organization we found that out by mapping our portfolio to Kanban), also some teams got better by just leveling their WIP limits differently.

I am fine and can very well accept that some people might get to similar results with intuition. But not all, very few indeed. We didn't. Many don't. That's why I think that the detailed model enabled by Kanban's visual boards together with the metrics are incredibly powerful means for teams on their journey to continuous self improvement. Guru' are not needed. That's why I think that Kanban is helping us democratize the way tat teams can improve their work(flow).

Oh, BTW ... make sure to watch the great and entertaining LKCE11 keynote by Stephen Bungay on how we lost the art of management that Klausewitz and von Moltke already discovered nearly 200 years ago. 
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