Replenishment - Free eBook published w/ Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011 conference

Edit: We extended the free download until mid November, so that attendees of LESS2011 in Stockholm can also download and comment on the eBook. We already have incredible 800 downloads of the book. We now are really keen on your feedback :) 
Thanks for all, Arne & Markus 

I am happy to announce that today, with the opening of the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference, Arne Roock and me published a free eBook "Replenishment". 

The book's cover

It contains 4 texts on Kanban:

  1. Wip Limits
  2. Guarantee bandwidth for intangibles to address sustainability of your business
  3. Tool Support
  4. Project Development vs. Product Development
Our preface explains why we are publishing this free version of the book, so I'll just post it here:

Dear audience,

You are holding in your hands our approach towards a MVP on an eBook on Kanban in the form of loosely coupled essays. We would like to publish it as an amazon single, comes time. Time shouldn’t be long, as the real benefit of publishing eBooks is that you can get away from large batches sizes to small batch sizes, even in publishing. We are thankful for these new options and would like to explore them. 

As this is our fist publishing of this sort and we are yet developing our model we wanted to take the opportunity to publish the smallest possible batch to you for validating our model. We assumed there is a demand for insight in the short form. We also assumed there is a demand for loosely coupled topics that came to our mind which aren’t covered in long form. We assume we should rather hit sooner than late. We also assume that in later phases of the project we publish more amazon ebook singles and can very well imagine to broaden the content by including numerous other authors. 

You now know what we assumed. We have prepared a feedback form and would be happy to receive feedback from those interested. The feedback does not only check our assumptions but leave space for feedback on anything that comes to your mind as well as topics that we have not covered but are of interest for you. 

We had the idea for this book while thinking about the great KLRIS event, organized, of course, by David J Anderson and made the approach more concrete during and after this event. Thanks again to David and his team for coming up with this great event and thus the inspiration! (The KLRIS event is also brilliantly covered in a free eBook ‚Quotable Kanban‘. )

Some note on the cover photo and the title of this book. Standing in front of the famous Geysir Stokkur (and in fact bigger, but younger brother of the actual Geysir ‚Geysir‘) and being still inspired by two full days of discussing Kanban and its future it was obvious that this is one of the most brilliant examples of replenishment. And also, what is the whole of Kanban without proper replenishment? What happens downstream if upstream doesn’t work and what is more upstream than replenishment? Indeed, Kanban leads us the way to exploit the opportunities of clever replenishment.  Read more on this in in ‚Project Development vs. Product Development’. So, rather than going for a shallow effect of showing the eruption, we go for the deep result of serious, powerful, value defining replenishment.

We hope you enjoy and have fun reading our (still) small eBook and don’t forget to give us feedback! It’s appreciated!  

Arne & Markus, 
Hamburg & Potsdam, October 2011

You can download the free version of the eBook until end of October from the following links in mobi (kindle), epub (most other ebook readers incl. iPad) and PDF formats under the following links:

As stated in the foreword, your feedback is greatly appreciated and crucial to us. We prepared a feedback form under 

There you can also leave your email address if you want to be informed on updates and the final version we will sell over amazon in the not too far future.

You can also leave feedback via mail at replenishment at ...

Thanks for your patience, interest, download and feedback


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