Where have I been?

Oh my, I don't actually know what happened.
Yeah, you know - if you watched, which I wouldn't expect from after having been neglected for a loooong long time: Nothing happened :-(
I guess, the reasons for not updating this blog were manyfold:

  • I have a new role at my job, which meant quite a change and distraction from things that happen here
  • I was busy writing articles, reviewing articles and books, working on talks on conferences (see my - ummm - last post - and even that post is soooo mid 2010 that it does not reflect where have really been. Excuses, excuses - bla bla bla and so on.
  • I was not satisfied with the format of this blog and am looking for a new template (might even switch to WordPress). Just look at this small writing - disgusting. I still like the picture and stuff, though.
But guess what, I am in a fresh mode now and have collected a couple of topics I want to write about in the next weeks:

  • My conference year (as a visitor)
  • My year as a speaker
  • My reading year (fiction and non-fiction)
  • My learning year
  • What is my focus for improvement at work
  • A posting on 'The 4 hour body' by Tim Ferris and my application of it
  • My summary of my kindle experiences and what I want to make of it
  • On paranoia driven development
  • What do I see in Lean: A summary
  • Things I don't understand, like: making simple things really complicated (or the other way around, or: Behavioral patterns in the agile coaching community
  • My new model of queue management on several layers - duuuh!
Well, even thinking of it is lots of fun for me ;)

See you soon, right here.
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